Countdown To An Event Day! App Reviews

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Don’t download!

Keeps charging me every 5 days even though I cancelled it! RIP OFF!

don't waste your time

worthless! you have to start your "3 day trial" and subscribe $1.99 A WEEK to even on board.


Can’t use unless you pay $1.99. Will not even give the option of continuing to the free trial.

Not free

Crap app

Not free - Apple, pull this app!

Downloaded but no way to access the app unless I click on the premium upgrade. This is not free, it’s a slimy way of doing business. Apple should pull this app from the store.

A bit of a click-bait app

When you get to the fine print or several steps into the app: OH, free for 3 days! Thanks for wasting my time.

Great app!

Easy to use!

Trial period

3 day trial. Really? It’s a countdown app. No thanks!

Don’t download!

Do not download this app! I just spent over 20 minutes on the phone with Apple support getting directions on how to cancel and remove it! I was unknowingly being charged $2.11 every 7 days for it since April!


You download the app then it tells you to “unlock” widgets you can pay $1.99 for it with a 3 day trial. How about you just be upfront and charge for the app?

Misleading. Not free!

Once you download the app you cannot use it unless you pay after their “free 3-day trial.”

Says it's free then it isn't

Waste of time

Horrible app

I can’t get it to work and I think I accidentally bought the app, confusing wording. Not sure how to get a refund. No place to get into settings and it won’t let me enter my event. Very unhappy with this app.

Not free

It cost 1.99 a week. Lol no way.

This app is a scam

During the on-boarding process it walks you through to a screen where the only option is Continue. When you tap it, it attempts to purchase a subscription for $1.99/week. Should be removed from the App Store


How do you cancel this I see no way of doing it??


Downloaded this to try but the app won’t even let you do anything unless you agree to a ‘free’ 3 day trial and then agree to pay $1.99 a week. Feels like a bait and switch, I don’t like it. Deleted the app not even 5 min after downloading

$1.99 every week

This app is only free for 3 days. Then the charge is $1.99 per week

Not editable. Can’t crop or shrink your photo

If you make a mistake all you can do is delete and start again. Text cannot be moved. I want my $$$ back!!


this is a HORRIBLE app the calendar is wrong!!!!! This app doesn't even deserve 1 star. I'll be using another app!! it makes you put at least one star

always ask for the full version purchase

I hate it when it always ask for full version purchase. There is limited access to backgrounds with the free version.


This is s great working system with not to many ads, but the one pet peeve I have is that this website tries to make me buy the next one

Where is my access?

Paid for app no access

No widget

This app is ok if you aren't looking specifically for a widget which I was. The pictures show the option and there was no option for this. I assume it may unlock the option if you pay for pro but under the things it lists that you unlock with pro a widget is not one so I'm not going to pay $5 just to find out. Edit:at the time of my review your suggestion did not work. I tried that and ended up downloading a similar app and doing just that and it worked fine. So unless there was some update since then


Does exactly what I needed. Being able to check with notification widget without unlocking my phone is great. Clear and simple.

Nope. Tried their game.

Reduced to one star because it promised pro features in return for good review. Nice backgrounds available but no personalized settings or app support and the stupid banner reminding you to "share website" (i.e., tell everyone about your private life) never goes away.

It's cool

It's chill

I love it

Thank you so much for making this app.It is so useful.What I think is that this is the best app ever.😍😍😍

Nice countdown

Very simple to use and cute counters.


This app is easy to use. Love it!


Awesome app


I'm using this app to countdown to a concert and it really makes me happy to see how many days I have left! The app is amazing for that and works better then any other app! I Love it!!!


I love all of the choices you can use!

Great clock

Easy to use and love the background choices! I am using this clock to count down the days until my soldier, husband, gets home from deployment!


Product is easy to use: apply your backgrounds and set your dates and it's that simple... keep track of multiple events at once.

Thumbs up

Awesome app, love the count down to events.

So far so good!

So far so good! Gives me exactly what I need to knwo


This game is so amazingly awesome. This game allows you to put whatever date you want to count down and is so helpful. It also alerts me when my count down is up so I won't forget. I would highly recommend this app to everyone.😀😃😊😍


i love it



Has few cute pictures. Wish there was a way to use own pictures for background.


Awesome works great

The app is very easy to use and works great. The live countdown you can share look very professional. Finally a good countdown app! Thx ❤️👏

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